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December 27, 2008 00:00

The exhibition “Untitled” presented examples from different genres of photography such as fashion, social documentary, architecture and staged photography. The 23 young photographers in this exhibition were among the students and alumni of the undergraduate and graduate programmes of Visual Communication Design and Photography and Video at İstanbul Bilgi University.

The 58 works at the “Untitled” exhibition were the works produced by the students through freely expressing themselves with the influence of the education understanding at İstanbul Bilgi University that encourages the passion for learning, creativity and the urge to be experimental. The ‘avant-garde’ approach of the students, in a way went beyond its aim, taking these photographs beyond being locally produced student works and compelling these works to be re-presented out of their context.

Some of the works at the “Untitled” exhibition have been presented at Photokina in the “Academy Meets Photokina” programme between 23 September-28 September 2008. The most important fair in the field of imaging technologies, Photokina has been organised biannually since 1950 in Köln, Germany. Only four institutions from outside of Germany including İstanbul Bilgi University Photography and Video Programme were invited to the “Academy Meets Photokina” in 2008.


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December 27, 2008