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Light, Illumination and Electricity

November 01, 2007 18:00

Organized in conjunction with the “Light, Illumination and Electricity” international residency project, realized with the leadership of santralistanbul and by the support of Anna Lindh European-Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue Foundation, the exhibition took place at the Museum of Energy between the dates of 1 and 30 November 2007. Open-workshop presentations were also realized at santralresidence within the context of the exhibition.


In the exhibition curated by Başak Şenova from NOMAD, artists who described light and electricity in an abstract and concrete way placed the evolving relationship between technology and art on the agenda. The exhibition consisted of the works of ten contemporary artists who get on with their studies in culture-art fields of different countries, brought together different readings, talks and performances on electricity and light.


Carlo Crovato from London by his Little Buggersinstallation, Cevdet Erek from İstanbul by his Dark Light Dark installation and Ceren Oykut by her sketch-video work Sketch Repair and Adhan Hafez from Cairo by his performance and installation Suspended…Dispersed…, Borut Savski ve Marko Kovacic from Ljubljana by their installations entitled The Fluidity of Space and Switch off the Light, Cynthia Zaven from Beirut by her Missing Links (In search of A. Manass) installation set up with piano, hotel room, photographs, texts, composed music and sorted sounds and finally Rémy Rivoire, Renaud Vercey, Bruno Voillot from Marseille by their video works entitled Collective Position Dispositiontook place at the "Light, Illumination and Electricity” exhibition.

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Museum of Energy


November 01, 2007