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Günter Grass - Drawings and Lithographs

April 18, 2010 00:00

"Günter Grass - Drawings and Lithographs" exhibition were open to visitors between 18 April and 9 May 2010 at santralistanbul Museum of Energy.


Following the years of war and captivity Günter Grass received a stone master’s education and then he completed his studies in Dusseldorf and Berlin as a sculptor and graphic designer. The author has always remained a graphic designer and a sculptor. He is a versatile artist, so to speak a “multitalent”.


In his article “Am I a Writer or a Designer?” explains how his talents are intertwined and how they reveal themselves one by one. This is clearly seen in his designs, gravures, tempera paintings and sculptures. Günter Grass is also a story teller in his graphics and artistic works. “I always draw, because I either write or do nothing, but even when I do not draw I actually draw. Also, when drawing, sentences continue to be written, that, when started they are written on different papers. Writing revokes the time by compressing or delaying it. When drawing, it is the more concise expression.”


From Helmut Frielinghaus' book "Gathering Mushrooms and Feathers", Steidl Publishing House, Goettingen, 1993.

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April 18, 2010