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Diversity of Planet Earth - The World of GEO Magazine

July 09, 2008 00:00

The exhibition “Diversity of Planet Earth – The World of GEO Magazine” showed in 67 photographs by award-winning photographers the complete array of topics of the magazine GEO. Memorable pictures covered the topics of landscapes, human living, animals as well as science and technology. Extraordinary shots pictured in front of impressive scenery and at the right moment, illustrated the diversity of our planet earth. The exhibition presented the photographs of 32 GEO photographers from different countries.


Published in 20 countries today and meeting the Turkish audience since November 2005, GEO magazine has been travelling to the remotest places of the world for more than 30 years. GEO reports exclusively about great aims and passions of humanity as well as the transformation of culture and life and reflects the developments in science, currents in politics, religion and philosophy and the diversity of nature in its pages.


In a period when biological and cultural diversity is in danger more than ever, “Diversity of Planet Earth – The World of GEO Magazine” exhibition draws attention to the less known wealth of our planet earth.

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July 09, 2008