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On the Territory: Contemporary Art in Colombia

July 12, 2011 00:00

A restored and redesigned historical storage building which houses Krek Theatre and exhibition spaces hosted the exhibition “On the Territory: Contemporary Art in Colombia” between 12 July – 11 August 2011. Curated by Jaime Céron, the exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia. The exhibition brought together the works of the important 19 artists of Colombia, a country that has many affinities with Turkey. The exhibition aims to contribute to the connections between Turkish and Colombian artists and the development of cultural dialogue through these connections.


“On the Territory: Contemporary Art in Colombia” is linked to the opening of the Embassy of Colombia in the Republic of Turkey. It’s important to mention the recent opening of the Turkish Embassy in Colombia as well. All this confirms the strong compromise of the governments of both countries to reinforce their friendship, generosity, solidarity and cooperation.


The most recent Colombian artistic production, contributes to establish a new dialogue among generations of Turkish and Colombian artists thanks to the power of culture and our determination of working together.



Pablo Adarme, Gabriel Antolinez, Carlos Bonil, Adriana Bernal, Milena Bonilla, Barbarita Cardozo, Nicholas Consuegra, Adriana Duque, Gonzalo García, Humberto Junca, Miler Lagos, Víctor Muñoz, Diego Piñeros, María Isabel Rueda, Adriana Salazar, Saúl Sánchez, Jaime Tarazona, Angélica Teuta, Cesar del Valle



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July 12, 2011