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The Portrait of Che by Alberto Korda

October 09, 2008 14:00

In conjunction to the exhibition entitled “Narrative of a Portrait: Korda’s Che from Revolution to Icon”, Darrel Couturier, who began to represent Alberto Korda in 1997 and gave Korda his first ever exhibition in the USA in 1998, gave a seminar entitled “The Portrait of Che by Alberto Korda: from Revolutionary to Icon”. Owner and director of Couturier Gallery in Los Angeles, Darrel Couturier, told the historic background as to how and why Korda took the celebrated photograph of Che Guevara. Tracing its conversion from a photograph of a revolutionary to an iconic image charged with social and political ideology which the world was later to convert into a highly commercial commodity, Darrel Couturier examined political and social contexts that altered the use and interpretation of this image.

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Museum of Energy


October 09, 2008